We know our products. We have mastered our production chain. We never settle for less than perfect. All of our products are built to satisfy the demanding requirements expected of a luxury motorhome.

Garage : the great luxury

The garage is equipped with a heater ALDE and can accomodate a large variety of cars which allows for a flexible layout.

The length of the vehicle does not depend on the type of car (Mini, Smart, Fiat 500, Citroën C1, Peugeot 108, Toyota IQ). An electric traction hoist come with all garage vehicles, allowing the user's car to be safely loaded.

The electric garage lift option, depending on the model, offers additional storage bikes or any other cumbersome object.


Our Liners are fitted with extra-large cell doors, offering easy access to the unit thanks to a large passageway than standard entrances.


The height of the driver's seat combined with the dimensions of the windscreen and low dashboard ensure optimal visibility for safe driving at all times.
The driver’s seat provides an outstanding 45° angle of vision. This panoramic, close up visibility makes for safe driving. 3 rear-view mirrors provide wide-angle visibility around the entire vehicle.The heated bus-style wide-angle rear-view mirrors ensure complete peripheral visibility around the vehicle.