Optimal visibility & outstanding road hold

Thanks to over 20 years of experience in motorhome construction, we can draw on genuine technical expertise to guarantee the outstanding quality of our products. The Signature range comes with a robust, well-insulated and perfectly watertight structure.

Exceptional visibility


The Signature's stylish front-face design was built without a driver-side door, offering you larger quarter glass windows for greater visibility while driving, especially when approaching intersections.

This luxury motorhome is equipped with various high-end fittings for your safety: a reversing camera with panoramic view with the image transferred to a dashboard-mounted display, electric and heated rear-view mirrors (wide-angle and blind spot), a front proximity radar (optional), and more.

Enhanced safety

Driver/passenger airbags

For us, safety is a fundamental. This is why Signature vehicles are the first in their class to offer both passenger and driver-side airbags. This feature is available as an option for the IVECO chassis-mounted range.

Exceptional road hold


The Signature’s IVECO 50C support is a backbone chassis: the beams extend down to the engine and along the entire length of the vehicle. For improved road hold, the wheels are paired for a larger bearing surface and the rear and front track widths are extended more than 10 cm on each side (optional).


Designed to provide you with safety and a high level of comfort, the IVECO range offers a wide range of accessories to match your usage and your needs.
The TELMA electromagnetic retarder (optional) provides the vehicle with durable braking and total compatibility with the ESP system. It supplies up to 80% of needs when slowing the vehicle, which reduces heat and wear on the brakes, thereby increasing safety.

Safety at all times with ABS and ESP

ABS: a 3-letter synonym for anti-lock braking system (from the German "Antiblockiersystem"). This system limits the locking of the wheels during emergency braking. Each wheel is equipped with sensors that calculate the speed of the four wheels and decrease braking pressure to avoid locking. ABS ensures effective braking.

ESP, or electronic stability program, acts on the brakes as well as the engine of your motorhome. When it detects that a turn has been taken at too high a speed or a sudden change of direction, the ESP takes control and acts on the front and/or rear brakes. It increases or decreases the engine speed in order to ensure that you maintain control of the vehicle.

Lightning protection

Our motorhomes are manufactured from aluminium on the interior sides of the roof and the walls. Connected to the ground through the wheels, this design in aluminium acts as a Faraday cage that insulates you from lighting and conducts it into the ground. As your motorhome provides you with shelter from the elements, you can take full advantage of its comfort whatever the weather.