Le Voyageur motorhome owners are real dreamers, who long for perfection, and wish to make their dreams a reality. The LV range has been designed for them, composed of high-end yet accessible models. Featuring refined interiors, high quality finishing, and aerodynamic design for impeccable driving comfort and road handling, nothing has been left out. Because the exception must serve to prove the rule for as many people as possible.

camping-car haut-gamme le voyageur durabilite


Thanks to over 20 years of experience in motorhome construction, we can draw on complete technical expertise to guarantee the outstanding quality of our products. The LV range comes with a robust, well insulated and perfectly watertight structure.


Accessible via both exterior doors and inside trapdoors, the double floor offers extra storage for your bulky items. Well insulated and heated, the double floor retains and radiates warmth just like classic underfloor heating.


Due to an very high-end structure assembly and a great design, the front of the Le Voyageur provides an excellent onboard visibility that enables the driver to see a 60 cm height object 2,09 meters ahead. 


We design the interior layout of our motorhomes as if they were apartments. By using the finest wood, glass and leather materials, we make every effort to offer you a comfortable lounge, an ergonomic kitchen, a large bathroom, and a bedroom where you can get a good night’s sleep.